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Barrie Authors to Appear on The Vicki Gabereau Show


CONTACT: Carol Brethour Stephens



6 February 2004 (Barrie, ON) Carol Brethour Stephens and Malcolm Stephens of Barrie will be appearing as guests this Wednesday, February 11 on The Vicki Gabereau Show, a nation-wide talk show broadcast on CTV. They have been asked to talk about their book, Knowing Me, Knowing You: A Multiple-Choice Quiz For Engaged Couples. The Barrie Advance first introduced the book to you July 2003, shortly after its release. Knowing Me, Knowing You is now available in bookstores nation-wide and the Stephens are becoming known.


The Stephens' wrote Knowing Me, Knowing You with the goal of helping couples to foster intimacy and prepare better for marriage. The book has already been promoted to over eighteen million people by American radio advice guru, Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Then, they were invited to be guest speakers at the Vancouver Wellness Show on February 13th, 2004. With that scheduled, they approached The Vicki Gabereau Show and were favourably received. In addition, while they are in Vancouver, the Stephens will be appearing on Breakfast Television (CityTV Vancouver) and on a show called Urban Rush (Shaw Cable).


For those of you who did not happen to catch the earlier article, Knowing Me, Knowing You is based on the belief that by thoroughly knowing one another-each other's beliefs, pet peeves, and expectations about the endless details regarding family, friends, children, finances, careers, etc.-a couple can discover areas of potential conflict and can then discuss them proactively.


This may sound intimidating, but this two-book set makes it easy and fun because the issues are laid out in a multiple-choice quiz. There are no essays and no trick questions-just common sense issues set in a multiple-choice format. All each partner has to do is check the box that applies to him/her. Through the discussions prompted by this book, readers will have discovered and developed common values and strategies that will help them to cope with life's inevitable challenges with unity.


With some of life's stressors already sorted out, couples can celebrate Valentine's Day with all the romance that comes with true intimacy.




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