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"... impulse marriages rarely last because the secret to a strong marriage is really knowing who you are, who your intended is, and then seeing if the two of you are a right match for each other. Feelings are simply not enough. You really want to know if you and your prospective mate are compatible? Then you ought to get this interesting book ...

...The discussions prompted by this book will definitely help you discover and develop common values and strategies. So before you pick out a dress or hire a wedding planner, make sure the guy or the gal is an intelligent choice, a good match ..."

-Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Radio Host


"Many couples get engaged and then they get caught up in the organization for the wedding; but how much time has gone into what happens after the wedding-the life! [Knowing Me, Knowing You] is full of important questions…. "

-Vicki Gabereau, The Vicki Gabereau Show, CTV, February 13, 2004


"[A] good portion of the book really made me take a look inward at myself and my issues. What kind of person am I and, just as important, how does my husband see me? … I loved the fact that the quiz really made me think about situations that I didn't give any thought to before we were married…. It's thought-provoking stuff and they [the writers] implore their readers to be honest when answering the questions."

-Kim Goggins, The Barrie Advance, July 2, 2003


"What a great idea! …The book is called Knowing Me, Knowing You. It's actually a multiple-choice quiz for engaged couples, but I think anybody in a relationship could appreciate some of the questions and some of the feedback you might get-some pillow talk if you will."

-Chris Lesage, Daytime, Rogers Cable TV, July 17, 2003


"So before you get married, or even if you are married and would like to know your spouse better, GET THIS BOOK SET! … The key is that the man and woman fill out their answers SEPARATELY, then they come together to discuss their answers. In a regular counseling session, it would be too easy for a compliant participant to back-pedal from some point of disagreement; but much more difficult when the answer has been marked in black and white. While these books don't require a professional counselor at all, I highly recommend them to professional counselors themselves. To say these books are comprehensive would seem to be an understatement…. POST IT … on your shopping list for every engaged couple that you know, and married couples who would like to know each other better."

-Sharon Powell, Make-A-Note Newsletter, June 2003


"Based on my experience using Knowing Me, Knowing You for pre-marital counseling sessions, I highly recommend it as a useful tool for discovering important issues that must be dealt with before marriage. Its easy-to- use format is extremely thorough with questions on virtually every topic vital to a solid marriage."

-Pastor John Boyachek, College and Careers Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Barrie, ON


"As a former Pastor and now the President of a global ministry, I was delighted to discover Knowing Me, Knowing You. This will be an invaluable resource for all of us who continue to do pre and post marital counselling. I will definitely recommend it to my peer group as a 'must have'."

-Mark D. Middleton, President, GlobalTalk


"Peter and I opened the books for curiosity on Sunday [after the shower] and found ourselves not wanting to put them down! Thank you so much for such a unique, useful gift."

-Kelly and Peter (In a thank you note sent to the person who gave Knowing Me, Knowing You as a bridal shower gift)


"The Stephens have created a refreshingly new approach to dialogue between engaged couples. This dialogue helps to illuminate a couple's unspoken expectations, which, if not addressed, will smolder over time and become potentially toxic in a sustained relationship. This book would be a great help in focusing counseling around specific issues."

-Dr. Don Morgenson, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London


"The quiz was a lot of fun! It enabled my boyfriend and me to talk about things we may not have talked about otherwise . . . . All aspects were covered thoroughly. It was enjoyable to read."

-Kristine Blades, reader, age 23


"Great idea. Wish my oldest daughter had these books before she married THE JERK!!!"



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