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Chapter 11: Faith

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Quiz Scoring


How to Use Quiz Scoring

The Quiz Scoring System takes into account not only what you think about the issues raised in Knowing Me, Knowing You, but also how strongly each part of the couple feels about these issues.  For each question, you will identify the level of agreement, and whether or not each person cares about the issue. Use the links above to score each chapter.

The program then calculates a Potential Conflict Score.  There are several basic scenarios.

  • The couple is in complete agreement.  In this case, whether either cares strongly about the issue is not important.  There is no conflict.

  • The couple disagrees, but one or both of them does not care about the issue.  In this case, even if one half of the couple cares deeply about the issue, the other, who doesn't care, will let them have their way, reducing the potential for conflict.

  • The couple disagrees, and both of them care about the issue.  In this case, there is a high probability of conflict.  The level of disagreement and the strength of the feelings selected allows the program to calculate the Potential Conflict Score.

Couples should pay special attention to issues with a high Potential Conflict Score.  Resolving these issues will help them to build a strong marriage.  If you can't resolve them alone, seek out a counselor or pastor to help.



What Does The Couple Think About This Question?  Compare Your Answers.

How Important Is This Issue to Her?

How Important Is This Issue to Him?


How To Choose Your Answer

There are two types of questions, fact-based and opinion questions.

  • For a fact-based question, such as Do you come from a divorced home?, choose the answer in How Important Is This Issue to Her/Him based on how you feel the difference might affect your marriage. 

  • For opinion-based questions such as Do you believe that divorce is ever right?, choose based on the strength of your feelings about the issue.


Claire parent's divorced when she was a teen while Ivan's parents are still married.  When they answer Question 1 in Chapter 15, Do you come from a divorced home?, Claire and Ivan will select Our Answers Are Completely Different.  When it comes to rating the importance of the issue, Ivan selects It Doesn't Matter Much To Me, not because he is not sympathetic to Claire's sadness when her parents divorced, but because he does not think it will affect their relationship.  Claire recently read a newspaper article that expressed concerns that children of divorced parents had more challenges in forming a solid marriage.  She selected I'm Concerned About This.  Their potential conflict score was 22%.

Click on the links above to access the quiz scoring pages for different chapters. 


Privacy Statement

The answers you give in the quiz are not tracked or recorded in any way.  Note that we do not request your email address or any personal information.  You must print out both your selected answers and the results in order to keep a record of your answers.


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