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Our Thanks

To say thank you to our readers, we've put together a package of five great wedding related articles for anyone who buys the set of books online. To read more about them, click here.


And to help you get the most out of Knowing Me, Knowing You, remember our online quiz scoring system, here. It helps you to pinpoint potential conflict issues that need your attention.



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As a special thank-you, we've created some electronic versions of articles that will be especially relevant to engaged couples. With proof of a book order, we'll give you a link to a secret web page where you can access these great articles.


Here's a sample of the articles you'll receive:


1. How To Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Writing your wedding vows can put you under a lot of pressure. You want them to be deep and meaningful, but sometimes itís hard to come up with the right words. This article helps you to identify the promises you want to make to each other, and create a beautiful, personal expression of your love for each other.


2. Wedding With Equality

Did you know that there are elements of the traditional wedding ceremony that go back to times when the woman was sold by her father to the groom? On the other hand, today, the groom is often left on the sidelines during the whole wedding process. This article explores the history of wedding traditions, and tells you how you can make subtle changes that not only remove outdated practices, but also make your wedding day the foundation on which you can build your marriage as a true partnership.


3. How To Involve the Groom In Your Wedding

How many timeís have you heard that the wedding day is the ďbrideís special dayĒ? Is it a good thing to start off a partnership by focusing almost exclusively on one half of the couple? This article offers great tips on involving the groom in the wedding, from how he dresses to the things he might be specially qualified to do to prepare for that special day.


4. Capturing the Moment On Video

When Carol Brethour Stephens (one of the authors of Knowing Me, Knowing You) planned her wedding video, she mapped out the locations for each of the two cameras during every part of the ceremony. She provided a detailed shot list along with the ďscriptĒ for the wedding. This was second nature to her since she was working as a television scriptwriter at the time. The result was a two-and-a-half hour epic record of that special day that Carol and her husband and co-author, Malcolm, enjoy each year on their anniversary. You may not want to go to that level of detail, but this article will help you decide whether you want a professional videographer and, if so, explore what options are available to you.


5. For His Eyes Only: Romance on Ten Dollars a Date

Itís easy to be romantic if youíre rich. Trips to Venice, caviar, champagne, and diamonds are all very romantic, and very expensive. But if you believe itís the thought that counts, itís still possible to be romantic even if youíre a young couple saving for a house, or new parents who are committed to living on one income so one parent can stay at home full time. Written by a man for men, this article is for his eyes only. Donít peek, ladies. Spoiling the surprise ruins the effect.


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