Knowing Me, Knowing You

A Multiple-Choice Quiz for Engaged Couples

Amazon Top 100 Bestseller


Ranked 77th, May 28, 2003


The unique multiple-choice format (no essay questions) of this two-book set makes it easy for couples to share their expectations of marriage.

Partners independently complete a quiz, then compare answers. Discover areas of potential conflict and discuss pro-active solutions.

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How well do you really know each other? How ready are you for marriage? Getting to know one another--your beliefs, your pet peeves, your expectations about the endless details regarding family, friends, children, finances, careers, etc.--is made easy with this innovative book. There are no essay questions-all of the topics are covered in common-sense questions with multiple-choice answers. All you have to do is check the box that applies to you. It's so easy even those who normally avoid counseling will do it!


There are two books, nearly identical; one is for men and one for women. Each of you fills out your quiz alone so as not to influence the other. Then, you get together and compare your answers. The questions where you gave widely different answers are your potential problem areas and are the issues that you need to discuss. Then you can work on finding ways to compromise and lay the foundation for a solid marriage.


This easy-to-use book highlights areas where real-life couples run into conflict. Use it to uncover your own opinions and discover those of your partner. You'll get your marriage off to a terrific start by "Knowing me, Knowing You"!

"Knowing Me, Knowing You" is published by Counselor Press, ISBN No. 0-9746765-0-0.




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