Knowing Me, Knowing You

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About the Authors


Carol Brethour Stephens


Carol Brethour Stephens has over twenty years of experience as a professional writer. A specialist in adult education, she has written in the fields of social work, sociology and psychology. She spent six years as a scriptwriter for a series of university-level for-credit television courses. The documentary style of these programs afforded her the opportunity to interview nationally renowned experts in many fields, and question distinguished individuals including Henry Kissenger.


Since then, as a freelance writer, she has written for national bridal magazines giving advice on such topics as how to involve the groom in the wedding, and how to write your wedding vows. In addition, she has written articles for many other publications and the script for a travel documentary that was broadcast on PBS.


Carol has worked as a public relations professional and appeared numerous times on television and in newspapers, and was a guest speaker at many public functions. With diverse clients including universities, colleges, museums, hospitals, libraries, corporations and government agencies, Carol has always been drawn to helping and educating people through her writing. She has brought this ability and the broad-based knowledge derived from her experience (not to mention her marriage) to Knowing Me, Knowing You.


Malcolm B. Stephens


Malcolm B. Stephens is a Professional Engineer and spends most of his days designing robot-based welding equipment for car factories. He also enjoys reading, writing and watching Junkyard Wars. As a university student, he received the Honeywell Futurist Essayist Award. His writing has since appeared in Todayís Seniors and he has had several humorous anecdotes published in Readerís Digest. He has collaborated with Carol on her corporate and government writing and has recently published a computer software book, How To Double Your SolidWorks Productivity.


Malcolm has also developed and presented seminars on product development, entrepreneurship, simulation and computer-aided design and is a popular, and humorous, speaker. He has appeared on national television discussing new-product development.


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Carol Brethour Stephens and her husband and co-author, Malcolm B. Stephens, relax with their daughter, Deanna. (Photo courtesy



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